This is what the political revolution looks like.


For too long large corporations have used their money to influence Washington by sponsoring the campaigns of politicians that will work to further their interests. While these economic interests have done exceptionally well over the last thirty years, the average American has struggled just to get by. I am running to represent the interests of these people who have no voice in their government. Only when we tear down the partisan wall and unite to send hardworking people to Washington, will we be able to break free from this gridlock we are experiencing.

I want everyone to have a fair shot at the American dream.


I firmly believe that for that to happen we need representatives who are willing to sit down with the other side of the aisle and negotiate solutions to the problems that plague us. We need representatives who will put country before party, and that is the underlying principal that guides me. This is what the political revolution looks like, average people running to take seats from the corporate sponsored representatives, but we can't do it without your help. We are experiencing a wave of citizen engagement and activism that has not been seen for generations. We must use this energy to support candidates at all levels of government, with our time and our money. So join me as we work to take back Ohio's 10th Congressional District, and support the political revolution we so desperately need.


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